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Four amazing women decided that they were going to combine their expertise to start a new consulting firm. They had identified a need for non-profit organizations to have more affordable, highly skilled strategic partners and set out to fill that need. However, they needed help thinking through how to form their firm. Through a series of four consulting meetings, Deanna helped the group:

  • Establish a working budget that included projections for (a) startup, (b) monthly operating costs, (c) revenue requirements, and (d) financial controls.
  • Layout a marketing strategy, including (a) determining the ideal candidate profile, (b) building out their website and content, and (c) determining their offerings.
  • Develop internal structures that would allow the partnership to thrive (i.e., the division of responsibilities, building a client base, etc.)
  • Discuss an ownership structure, helping the team to undercover a way to equitably pay themselves and meet monthly expenses.
  • Layout the process for developing their first physical asset: a book about strategic leadership that will help establish the group as experts in their field and raise their profile.


After the four sessions, the group was ready to fully leverage their expertise and talents, start building their client base, and multiply their impact.


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