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Flying Elephant is a holding company for social impact companies. The company was created to shift power to marginalized communities. We want to re-imagine what social enterprises, businesses that are built to solve for a social issue, can and should look like. 

Through our companies, we are able to help transform lives by building purpose-driven leaders; training on how to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into everyday business practices; advocating health equity for women and babies; and changing the narrative in literature.  Our work is having an immediate and generational impact on the communities that we serve alongside. 

Many people ask us why we choose the name, Flying Elephant.  Well, the elephant is a symbol of power, dignity, intelligence, peace, and good fortune. They are majestic creatures.  

In addition, the elephant has cultural significance for our founder.  Deanna is African American and Sikh American, and in both cultures, the elephant is highly regarded.  

Our goal is to take your most ambitious ideas, the ELEPHANT sized solutions and help you put wings on them! We believe that if we are going to solve our pressing social problems and leave the world better than we found it, we have to dream BIGGER!

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