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Educators are hardworking people. They are responsible for everything from supporting children through trauma, to guiding student learning, to processing endless administrative demands. The responsibilities are never-ending, so what do you do to keep your team energized? What resources can you provide to sustain them when they are burning out?


Well, this is the question that we help our clients answer! Deanna is a self-described “educator groupie.” As a former elementary school teacher, middle school principal, and post-graduate instructor in business, law, and social justice, her understanding of education runs deep. Today, she leads multiple education-focused foundations and sits on the board of directors for a national education organization. It is that diversity of experiences that prompted a client who supports the development of teachers and administrators in urban schools to reach out to Deanna. They wanted a keynote speaker who would inspire their audience of 400 educators and give them some real tools to take back into their classrooms and school buildings.


Deanna drew the group to tears in the first few minutes as she shared a few moments of deep gratitude for them. She then told them stories to help them reconnect with their “why”—as in why they went into the educational field in the first place. Before she left the stage, she shared some simple techniques for how they could continue to connect to their purpose and re-fuel themselves, even in the midst of stressors, demands, and time scarcity. The audience responded with thunderous applause. Mission accomplished.   

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