Case Study: Corporate Leadership Program

Case Study

Corporate Leadership Program

A group of company leaders were put in charge of organizing the programming for an internal leadership cohort. The leadership cohort was made up of individuals who were showing great potential and who were identified as rising stars within the company. Determined to provide meaningful experiences for the participants, the planning committee quickly realized that one of the things the cohort needed was the opportunity to connect their individual purpose and passions to their work.

This realization is what lead the program committee to engage with Deanna. In preparation for her session, Deanna took the time to learn more about the cohort, read their four required reading books, and met with the planning committee to fully understand their goals. Based on that information she put together a training session for the cohort. Through storytelling, Deanna helped the audience members see exactly HOW to connect their passion to their work. Because Deanna’s stories are real and personal, the participants cried and laughed together. In the end, they all left motivated to bring their passion to work with them and with some practical tips on how to do it.

The group enjoyed the presentation so much, that they requested Deanna back to be their keynote speaker at the final companywide celebration.


Here is some of the participant feedback that Deanna received after this engagement:


“I am so grateful that we found you, Deanna! You have such a positive presence.  It has been a pleasure to meet you.”

“I so appreciate having you pour into our lives.”

“Deanna, I would follow you as a leader because of your passion, energy, willingness to fail, ability to draw you in.


“Deanna, I loved your talk today.  Your passion for seeing a need and acting on it was very inspirational.  I loved the fact that you did things because you saw a need, not due to any desire for “accolades” for the work.  You’ve given me a challenge to think about what I could do also.”

“Deanna Thank you for coming to speak to us today.  You are a fantastic speaker and motivation, but more importantly you are so inspiring and refreshing!  Things seem to come easy for you, but I am sure that they all require tons of perseverance and heartache!  We are lucky to have you!”

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