8.5x11 Cloth Crown Book Cover

Cloth Crown 

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In this story, a young boy wrestles with whether or not to cut his hair after being bullied at school for wearing his patka.  We have the opportunity to learn about the turban and the Sikh community. 

Story to Tell Books is committed to creating books that are a tribute to the beauty and power people of color possess. The books are full of positive narrative and visual images to counter the negative ones that now consume our mainstream media.


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About the AUTHOR

Deanna Singh is the daughter of a Sikh American man and African American woman.  Her husband is African American and German American. Their two children, Zephaniah and Zion, reflect all of those beautiful heritages.  Instilling pride in their color, in a country that is filled with negative images and messages about their brown skin, is the primary motivation for writing children’s books featuring children of color.  A native of Milwaukee, WI Singh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Fordham University, a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She is committed in her personal and professional life to the pursuit of social justice, these books are an extension of that commitment.


About the ARTIST

Mary K. Biswas resides in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Since childhood, she has loved to draw and paint.  She feels very blessed that her hobby has turned into a profession. When asked about creating illustrations, she said: “It doesn't feel like work at all, I enjoy illustrating each and every project!” As the artist for Cloth Crown, she was able to make the words on the page come to life! 


A wonderful, powerful example for all children! “I am a girl of color” showcases the beauty, possibility, and love that exists in our young girls. A must have for every school library!

Angela Patterson - Principal, Lake Blu Elementary


“I am a girl of color” is a must read... genuine and heartfelt, voicing every girl’s self discovery, the sense of joy and wonder in the possibilities of today’s multi-faceted world... dwelling in those.

Dr. Lalita Pandit Hogan - Professor, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse


As an early childhood professional with 30 years of experience, I understand how important it is for children of color, especially boys, to see and be reinforced with positive images of themselves. It’s important for society to see those images as well. This book is a wonderful example of those positive images.

Ann Terrell - Executive Director, MPS Foundation