She has spent almost 20 years researching, designing and building asset-based
solutions to complex social challenges.  Now you can access that knowledge and expertise! 

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A gifted communicator, entrepreneurial businesswoman, and trailblazer, Deanna’s interactive style combines personal stories with authenticity, vulnerability, and humor that takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery...
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Keynotes, Webinars, & Training

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Deanna travels the world, inspiring and educating audiences. She will wow your audience with her storytelling and leave them with tools that they can implement right away. She specializes in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.



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Consulting & Coaching

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Deanna works with leaders and organizations to identify ways to have greater impact. As the author of Purposeful Hustle and a serial social entrepreneur, Deanna is well versed in how to get THROUGH many of the obstacles you are facing! 


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make an impact

Deanna is a highly respected thought leader, who has spent over 20 years researching, designing and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges.  She shares what she knows openly, in hopes that others will be inspired to change the world, too!  


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Online Courses

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Due to high demand for the content, many of Deanna's key teachings are now available at your finger tips!  If you are ready to get unstuck, why wait? Click here to see the online classes that will help you find your way back to your dreams!



"Deanna was recently named in Forbes as An Awesome Black Woman Everyone Should Know. Check it out here!"

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purposeful hustle now available

This book teaches us how to use our talents, skills, and resources for something greater than ourselves!



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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Senior executives from companies across the United States choose to participate in a two-year intense training cohort where they could hone their skills and thereby help their organizations thrive.


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Corporate Leadership Program

A group of company leaders were put in charge of organizing the programming for an internal leadership cohort.  How could they offer their employees something that would truly engage them? Find out here! 


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Entrepreneurship Program

What happens when you have a great idea, but you are not sure how to get it off the ground? Well, if you want to move efficiently and quickly, then one of your first steps would be to call Deanna Singh!  See what happened when this consulting company did!


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Deanna has supported educational institutions at all levels.  She understands it all and so can speak and teach from an authentic place! She knows the unique demands that our educators face an also how to overcome those challenges! See how she helped this client with her knowledge!


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Deanna was authentic, engaging and delivered a message that was inspiring and uplifting - much needed given the major endeavors our agency currently faces.

Patty Metropulos, Executive Director & CEO, Kathy's House


Deanna is an artful, honest storyteller. She weaves her stories into messages filled with wisdom and delivers those messages in ways that touch the heart and soul. Those who listen to her walk away with a greater awareness of their individual power and a greater confidence that they can translate that "power" into a substantive and meaningful change in their communities.

Christine Hill, Executive Director, Future Milwaukee


Deanna offered a remarkable Keynote to kickoff our AmeriCorps members' term of service. Her genuine warmth and excitement was absolutely motivational and truly set the stage. We continue to get stories and appreciation for her amazing presentation. We are so grateful to have shared a powerfully inspiring moment of growth with such a tremendous change agent!

Amy Porter, Event Planner

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Deanna featured in thrive global!

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Deanna's Sons CirlceFlying Elephant Foundation

Learn how Deanna's children - and Co-Chairmen of the Flying Elephants Foundation - Zephaniah (age 9) & Zion (age 6), have raised thousands of dollars for worthy organizations!



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