Keynote Speaker, Author, Chief Change Agent

"It always seems impossible until it is done. " - Nelson Mandela

Are you looking for your next keynote speaker? What if your audience left your event looking at the world differently? Other keynote speakers might give a good speech-but Deanna will engage your audiences in the room and long after they leave.  She delivers high quality, thought-provoking messages 100% of the time.  She is a social entrepreneur that believes deeply in helping other people find their power.  She uses her voice to help others find theirs!  

A gifted communicator and thought leader, Deanna’s interactive style combines personal stories with authenticity, vulnerability and humor that takes the audience on a true journey.

Story to Tell Books is committed to creating books that are a tribute to the beauty and power people of color possess. The books are full of positive narrative and visual images to counter the negative ones that now consume our mainstream media. In the first two books, I Am a Boy of Color and I Am a Girl of Color, the children depicted in the book represent all different ethnic backgrounds, engaging in the joy of childhood. It is a more accurate reflection of what we see in our homes and communities—amazing children of color that will become phenomenal men and women!

"Fantastic keynote at the end which left an inspirational message on how small individual actions and persistence can impact big-picture themes." Audience Member

"Deanna offered a remarkable Keynote to kickoff our AmeriCorps members' term of service. Her genuine warmth and excitement was absolutely motivational,and truly set the stage for an extraordinary year for our members. We continue to get stories and appreciation for her amazing presentation. We are so grateful to have shared a powerfully inspiring moment of growth with such a tremendous change agent!”-Amy, Porter, Event Planner

"I so appreciate having you pour into our lives." Audience Member

"I am so grateful that we found you, Deanna! You have such a positive presence." Audience Member


Betsy Corry, Executive Director of First Stage


Did you know that Deanna has her own imprint?