Special Reading of I am a Boy of Color and I am a Girl of Color

Author, Deanna Singh, will do a special reading of her new books, I Am A Boy of Color and I am a Girl of Color. These multicultural children's picture books are a tribute to the beauty and power boys and girls of color possess. The children depicted in the books represent all different ethnic backgrounds, engaging in the joy of childhood.  

Opportunity Multiplier

Addressing a room full of committed lawyers, judges and civic leaders, Deanna will focus on the inherent power everyone has to a change agent.  She will share how she started The Milwaukee Street Law Project and why connecting to something bigger than your degree and your title is so vital. 

Being the leader that creates IMPACT

Leadership requires that we reach outside of our comfort zone.  What happens when we do that on behalf of our larger community? Through two separate leadership keynotes, Deanna challenged Northwestern Mutual's leadership to see how they can take their talents and exponentially increase their impact.   

Adding "Social" in front of your Entrepreneur title!

 Supporting Wisconsin startup culture is what Kinnecktor is all about.  So, they asked Deanna to speak to their audience (at Lambeau Field!) about how, as entrepreneurs, they could incorporate the ideas of Social Enterprise into their work.  Why not do well and also do good?

What changes when Systems Thinking shows up

Deanna Singh will share the power of systems thinking as it applies in schools, businesses and nearly every facet of life.


Don't Stop Building Bridges

Using a series of stories from her life, Deanna will illustrates that we all have the power to build bridges. Deanna is living proof that even when we are scared, sad, or angry, we must continue to build bridges to one another.

Being, Beliefs and Behaviors: The Roots of Transformative Change

Schools That Can Milwaukee is working to ensure every single child in Milwaukee has the opportunity to attend a high-quality school. They develop, empower, and support school leaders to foster more great open-admission schools for the kids and families who need them most, increasing opportunity and closing the achievement gap.  Deanna will address their school leadership about Culturally Responsive Practices for children.  

Learning Through Experience 

How do you learn from the things you are experiencing? Are you using the power of reflection to help you develop as a leader? Are you applying lessons learned in real time?  How do you process failure so that you can turn it into a success?  Deanna helped send all of the WI AmeriCorps members off with these questions as they began their year of service! 

Keynote Speaker, Author, Chief Change Agent

See Yourself as a Social Innovator 

If you have heard of social innovation and wondered, well I’m not a social innovator….you are wrong. Deanna will introduce you to the social innovation ecosystem, terminology and how you can be a force for positive change in Wisconsin. One of the best ways to see this positive change occurring is to share stories.