Keynote Speaker, Author, Chief Change Agent

“Your combination of wisdom, humility, humor, and life experiences

make you completely shine in front of a crowd.”​​

Deanna's keynoteS

The Anatomy of a Social Entrepreneur:
Have you ever wondered if you or your organization could be social entrepreneurs? Not even sure what that means? Deanna Singh, will introduce you to the social innovation ecosystem and show you how you can be a force for positive change.  You will learn how social entrepreneurship can give you the power to reach your personal and professional goals!


Deanna has been public speaking for over two decades.  She brings her warmth to the stage with experiences that resonate with her audiences. She will engage the room within seconds.  She will get across the message, in a way that is truly unforgettable.

How To Be a Change Agent: 

Social innovators have mental agility, hustle, and a highly-attuned risk-o-meter that allows them to break traditional molds of how to look at some of the most pressing social issues of our time. Deanna can introduce tools that can be used to help develop those skills at the individual and organizational level. ​  This talk is based on her forthcoming book, How to be a Change Agent. 

Most Requested Topics 
Building Bridges:
In a world of complex challenges, rigid thinking will not yield the results we so desperately seek.  As a bi-racial woman, who has stood at the intersection of seemingly diametric opposites-east vs west; city vs suburbs; immigrant vs non-immigrant, non-profit vs. profit, etc. Deanna and the organizations she has served have been able to flourish by building bridges.  Deanna shares with the audience how limiting definitions—those that others tried to impose upon her as an African American and Sikh woman—could have broken her spirit but how she learned to create bridges.  More importantly, she gives audience members an opportunity to realize the power of building bridges in their own lives. This keynote was recently featured at Tedx. 

What you can expect! 

Professionalism.  We will work together to create a memorable event.  We will have prompt and complete communication about all aspects of the work, to ensure that we exceed your expectations!  

Quality. All work is done with high attention to quality.  You will not regret the investment that you make in this partnership, because you will yield a high return!     

Transformation. Your attendees will leave the presentation with more knowledge and inspired to take immediate action!