"It always seems impossible until it is done. " - Nelson Mandela

What if you were able to find a way to see the world differently? If you were able to see all of the things you dream about becoming a reality? Would you be willing to do something different? Would you be willing to push yourself and your team towards your best selves? If you are ready, let's begin!  

A gifted communicator and thought leader, Deanna’s interactive style combines personal stories with authenticity, vulnerability and humor that takes the audience on a true journey.

Community leaders, parents, educators, and children all participated in the official launch of I Am A Boy of Color.  "The night was magical, I could feel the positive energy." shared a guest!  You can still be apart of the excitement by going to www.iamaboyofcolor.com and purchasing your own copy!

OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH-200+ People in Attendance! 


This children’s picture book is a tribute to the beauty and power boys of color possess. The children depicted in the book represent all different ethnic backgrounds, engaging in the joy of childhood. It is a more accurate reflection of what we see in our homes and communities—amazing boys of color that will become phenomenal men! 

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List Price: $19.99

Hardcover - Published by Orange Hat Publishing 2016

ISBN 978-1-943331-21-5